A Study of Fertility, 2019-2021

Inspired by my own experience with amenorrhea, A Study of Fertility was born as I saw menstrual blood coming back to my body after many months of silence. Due to several years under the effects of birth control medication my body does not recognise a regular moon cycle. In 2019 I decided to leave the notions of western medicine behind me and embarked a journey of self healing to find a solution to the depression I had been experiencing. The consequences of hormonal imbalance are both mental and physical, including symptoms such as depression, anxiety, fatigue, high sensitivity and paranoia, all being directly linked to the long term effects of the birth control pill. Having lived the absence of menstruation for a long time, I came to understand its happening as the blessing of being a woman and wish to highlight that many solutions are at hand when referring to a healthy hormonal cycle. Several studies on holistic and traditional indigenous medicine demonstrate the value of synchronising the physical and emotional body to the natural biorhythm of the moon, referring to this as one of the most empowering ways to regain harmony with the feminine. The photographic project reflects human sustainability and development in the idealised and transformative vision of a nurturing essence that connects the human and the environmental under one aspect of communal existence. To support the destigmatization of the menstrual taboo, a sacred value is attributed to the bleeding as an intrinsic and vital aspect of life, creating space for dialogue and information on female hormonal health.